Pilsen 2nd Fridays / by Emily Schroeder Willis

Matt and I have been trying to do a bit more exploring in Chicago.  A lot of times it can be difficult to do this since it seems nearly every weekend there is something happening at Lillstreet that I want to participate in.  But this weekend we headed south and we went to the Pilsen 2nd Fridays event.  WOW. I was really amazed at the quantity of artists who were showing.  There were so many fabulous gallery spaces, it just made me drool. I told Matt, if it wasn't for him, I would be moving in to a new space on Saturday.  Two of the highlights for me were artists Michele Lauriat who made incredible guash paintings that were nearly 12 feet high.  Absolutely stunning.  They completely engulfed the viewer, but what mesmerized me was how she layering the paint and the negative space, which felt to me like lapses of memory in recalling a landscape in your mind. 

York Beach, by Michele LauriatLogging, by Michele Lauriat


The other person who blew me away was designer Chris Jamison.  He founded the workshop, Plywood Office, the work is simple and beatifull crafted.  I want two of the Stripe endtables!

Stripes End Table by Plywood Office

The Horsey Desk, by Plywood Office