B is for Bruchenhein / by Emily Schroeder Willis

or Eugene Von Brunchenhein, or EVB, whatever you want to call him.  EVB has quickly become one of my favorite artists.  Currently there is a show up at Intuit Museum for Outsider Art of his work.  It is mind blowing!  I went this morning with my studiomate Jen FitzGerald to check out the show. I could probably go and see it every day until it closes and not get tired of it.  Apparently, as I learned today, he dug all of his clay from a clay pit nearby in Milwaukee.  None of his worked was ever fired in a kiln, only in his oven, so the work is extremely fragile.  He also made a series of pieces out of chicken bones.  It is absolutely incredible work.

Eugene Von Bruchenehein, censor vesselEugene Von Bruchenhein, vaseEugene Von Brunchenhein, crownEugene Von Brunchenhein, censor vesselEugene Von Brunchenhein, vaseI love that this sculpture of his turns a mason jar cap into a pedestal!

Eugene Von Brunchenhein, chicken bone sculptureMove EVB chicken bone sculptures