Radical Hospitality in the Identical Lunch / by Emily Schroeder Willis

What is that you say?  Radical hospitality in the form of an identical lunch? Odd, but twas so at the SMART.

Almost 2 weeks ago I went to the SMART Musem's Symposium on Radical Hospitality in Contemporary Art.  There were numerous fabulous presentors who spoke about topics such as: what it means to be a "Good Host" versus a "Bad Host" (as in the case of Enemy Kitchen) or how to incorporate ritual of eating together in mixed company (as in the case of Theaster Gates Soul Food Dinners).  It was also the World Premiere for the FLUXUS Blender Symphony of the Identical Lunch conducted by Alison Knowles.  It was such a great day of learning about how different artists (particularly non-ceramic/pottery artists) perceive the idea of sharing a meal and how that creates community for the good or in some instances bad.  Michael Rakowitz's "Enemy Kitchen" project is a really fascinating intersection of good host/bad host where Iraqi war vets serve Iraqi food served on paper plates of Sadam Hussein's china pattern.  It was really incredible!

Blender Prepared-ness


Pouring the buttermilk, hold the mayo!


 The Blender Symphony is about to begin!



The blended "Identical Lunch" oddly really did taste like a liquid tunafish sandwich... I am not saying that it was bad...or that it was good either.


The Enemy Food Truck