New space and new work! / by Emily Schroeder Willis

Many things have been happening here in Chicago over the past several months.  The biggest change was moving studios this summer which took MUCH longer than expected.  Now, with most things in place and a kiln set up and running, I am ready to get back making work as you can see!

The new space isn't very far from my old studio, just a few blocks south. The new address is 3717 North Ravenswood Ave, Unit #115 in Chicago.  In addition to having a great new location, I have a great new studio mate!  Jayson Lawfer and The Nevica Project occupies the front part of the space, while I occupy the back.  Jayson buys and sells all kinds of art, but specializes in ceramics, so it great fun to see all of the treats he brings in.

Another big change is I am going to be dropping down to cone 6 clay and glazes, so if there are any of those blushed pink pieces that you have had your eye one, now might be the time to snag one. I am not sure how long it will take to get my glazes reformulated.

I just uploaded a bunch of work to my Etsy site, specifically some cups, even some espresso cups!, but work is also available at the locations listed below.  The Objective Clay site is a great place to find a lot of plates at the moment, so if you are looking for some of those...look no further!

Small snack plates! 

Small snack plates! 

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