So much to say, so much to say. by Emily Schroeder Willis

I think I could honestly type for the next 3 days straight with all of the fun and incredible things that have occured over the past week. I got home from Arrowomont on Sunday with a great group of new friends and endless amounts of inspiration.  What a joy!

I also just discovered that I was selected as plate #1000 for the Plate a Day blog which is one of my favorite blogs to pop in on. I can't even say honored I am to receive the comments that artist and blogger Carole Epp made for my work!

Here is the post

#1000 Plates

All of that to say...I am heading out tomorrow to do a workshop in DC at the Lee Arts Center for 2 days and then I will be back again and hopefully able to post some information and talk a little bit about my experience.

'Til then!